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Free Webinar-Call Center Quality Improvement

Free Webinar-Call Center Quality Improvement

by Thomas Pyzdek -
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Call Center Quality Improvement: Why Deming is Spinning in his Grave and How We Can Help Him Rest In Peace

by Dennis Adsit, VP of Client Services for KomBea

For fifty years, the go-to method of improving call center performance has been monitoring and coaching. Yet measures of performance like disclosure compliance, call resolution, cross/upsell rates, handle time are not continuously improving and in fact have been treading water in most centers for years. More coaching and monitoring would not only be expensive, it literally cannot produce breakthrough results on a center-wide basis. 

Manufacturers would laugh if you asked them to rely on monitoring and coaching to improve product quality. They have long recognized that standardize processes and the intelligent use of automation to error-proof are much more powerful for continuous quality improvement. 

Agent-assisted automation offers call centers similar quality breakthroughs. We will discuss how automation directed by the agent can be used to increase disclosure compliance, cross-sells, and first call resolution, decrease Handle Time, and prevent Credit Card theft.    

Presentation Topics
  • The #1 problem in call centers: between-agent variation (BAV)
  • The mental model of improvement that dominates call center leaders thinking (the efficacy of monitoring and coaching) is wrong in theory and in practice and has absolutely no ROI.
  • How agent-assisted automation helps agents get it right every time
  • Gains in every measure of call center performance and why a 40% improvement in call center financials (lower cost plus increased revenue) is easily within reach

Who Will Benefit? 

  • BBs and MBBs
  • Call Center Leaders
  • General Managers
  • Chief Financial Officers  

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Date: Thu, Dec 6, 2012

Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

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